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Film Production Workshop DVD Series

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8-Disc Series (running time: 12hr. 45min.)

In this preview clip from the Film Production Workshop DVD, Tom Kane demonstrates how to begin transferring elements from a lined screenplay onto breakdown pages. Order all 8 DVDs to learn how to plan, organize and manage a major feature, independent film or video project. From breaking down the script to your last day of shooting - plus everything in between - you'll learn it all.

Own the Entire 8-Disc Set
Original Price: $369.00

Price: $369.00

Tom Kane's All New Film Production Workshop DVD Series was recorded on location in Denver, CO during a live workshop. The package includes: 8 discs: 7 DVDs of the 3-Day Film Workshop, recorded live, plus the Workshop Manual, and both Prizzi's Honor and Crossfire Trail screenplays on disc. The DVDs are enhanced with visual references to The Workshop Manual.

The Workshop Manual includes actual Shooting Schedules, Breakdown Sheets, Production Boards, Production Forms, Lists, Breakdown Elements, Call Sheets, Production Reports, a Post Production Calendar, and the actual Production Budget with Budget Notes. All these documents relate to the making of Prizzi’s Honor and Crossfire Trail.

Disc 1

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    • Getting Started Instructions
    • "Prizzi's Honor" Screenplay
    • "Crossfire Trail" Screenplay
    • The Workshop Manual

Disc 2 (2hr. 03min.)

Disc 3 (1hr. 21min.)

    • Building Blocks for Budgeting
    • Define & Explore the Roles & Responsibilities of the:

Disc 4 (1hr. 52min.)

Disc 5 (2hr. 06min.)

    • Introduction to Breakdown Exercises
    • Breakdown Page Exercises

Disc 6 (1hr. 27min.)

    • Create Production Schedule
      • Discuss All Factors Considered To Create The Schedule
    • Walk through the Production Board
    • Scheduling Factors

Disc 7 (1hr. 53min.)

    • Scouting of Interior & Exterior Locations
      • Local & Distant Location Issues
    • The Last 5 Days of Prep
    • Cover Production Paperwork including:
      • Call Sheet
      • Production Report
      • One Line Schedule

Disc 8 (1hr. 48min.)

    • Breakdown Forms (Day-Out-Of-Days)
    • In-depth Budget Analysis (Prizzi's Honor)
      • Notes on the Budget
      • The Budget (above the line)
      • The Budget (below the line)
    • Film Discussions

Through this course Tom will discuss factors related to International Filming as well, with examples from his own work as Producer of Crossfire Trail (filmed in Canada) and Brush with Fate (filmed in The Netherlands).

There are additional bonus clips on each disc with anecdotes from Tom about his own experience in the film industry.

Own the Entire 8-Disc Set
BUY NOW for Only $369.00

Price: $369.00
About Tom

Tom Kane, film producerTom Kane has had a long and distinguished career in the film and television industry. As a Producer, Production Manager and Assistant Director, his clients have included Twentieth Century Fox, Miramax Films, Columbia Pictures...


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