The 3-Day Film Workshop from Producer Tom Kane is the definitive course for aspiring Producers, Directors, Production Managers, Assistant Directors, Writers, Actors, Documentarians, Indy Filmmakers, Industry Executives, and anyone wishing to begin a career in film or video production. The film workshop is available as a live workshop, on DVD, and now it is available for download.

Tom Kane's Film Production Workshop: Chapter by Chapter
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Roles of the Producer

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Production Scheduling


The Assistant Director

Tom Kane's Film Production Workshop is now available for download. If you are already working in the film industry, or have previously taken the live film workshop, you can add to or refresh your knowledge by ordering the video downloads on the topics that interest you most. Order the full workshop, or just the chapters you need here.

3-Day Film Workshop
Film Workshop DVD

Join us for 3 inspiring, informative days as you learn how to plan, organize and manage a major feature, independent film or video project. From breaking down the script to your last day of shooting - plus everything in between - you'll learn it all.

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Experience the 3-Day Workshop in the comfort of your own home. The 8-DVD set is enhanced with visual references to The Workshop Manual, and both Prizzi’s Honor and Crossfire Trail screenplays.

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"Tom Kane taught me everything I know, but not everything he knows."

- Jon Kilik, Producer
"THE HUNGER GAMES: Catching Fire"

Explore the roles of the Producer, Production Manager (UPM) and Assistant Director (AD). Examine the procedures, attitudes, techniques and paperwork needed to plan and run a large or small film production. You will scout locations, break down a feature film script, create a production board, shooting schedule, day-out-of-days, and film budget.

Over the course of 3 intensive days, you'll be taught by Tom Kane, a highly successful film producer, who has 30 years experience in the "business" and over 50 feature and television films and TV series to his credit.

Tom Kane Assistant Directing
Producing with Tom Selleck
"Crossfire Trail"

"There's no doubt that taking your workshop played a large role in getting my first job as a production coordinator on a feature film. I highly recommend this course to anyone seriously desiring to break into film production and move up that career ladder!"

- D. Shavelson

Useful handouts, reference lists and samples of film production forms will be provided. The material covered is applicable to high and low budget features and both corporate and video projects. The course includes a copy of John Huston’s screenplay, “Prizzi’s Honor,” (Jack Nicholson) and Louis L’Amour’s “Crossfire Trail” (Tom Selleck), the bases of the workshop. You’ll work directly with Tom Kane - Producer/ Director / UPM / AD - as you learn from his philosophy, experience and anecdotes.

"Now I know the important factors to get a movie of my own started! If you teach another course, I’ll be there. Thanks!"

- M. Painter

This workshop is ideal for aspiring producers, directors, production managers, assistant directors, screenwriters, actors, production coordinators, production assistants, and anyone wishing to explore a career in film or video production. Beginners are welcome!

"The anecdotes were great - specific examples relating to the [course] material were very helpful. The entire breakdown of the script to budget was also enlightening. "

- C. Wood

"What I liked about the class was the overall knowledge imparted, the detailed focus on each aspect, and how to make the info applicable. Thank you, Tom!"

- V. Lee