The Production Report

A production report is a form filled out at the end of each day of production which summarizes what occurred that day. The purpose of this document is to keep track of a production’s progress and expenses. See the examples below of Prizzi’s Honor and Crossfire Trail production reports. 

The Assistant Director (AD) is responsible for creating the production reports.

Tom Kane’s Film and Video Production Workshop, will teach you not only what you need to know to become a shrewd UPM, but also the skills to be a successful feature film producer and a disciplined assistant director

Preview: Role of the AD

In this preview clip from the Film Production Workshop, Tom introduces the Role of the Assistant Director in feature film production.

The Assistant Director Bundle

5 Chapters from the full workshop, specifically geared towards the Assistant Director.

Includes the Following:

Ch.2 – Role of the Assistant Director
Ch.4 – Breaking Down the Script (w/ Homework)
Ch.5 – Production Scheduling, Production Board, & Film Production Prep
Ch.6 – Location Scouting
Ch.7 – Film Production Forms (Call Sheet, Prod. Report, Lists, Breakdowns)

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