The Script Breakdown

Film Scheduling starts with the Script Breakdown. As an Assistant Director (AD), one of your jobs is to line the script, transfer to breakdown pages, and create a shooting schedule. When breaking down the elements of a screenplay, there will be many things to look out for and get organized for an efficient film production.

You’re not just looking for cast and locations, but props, extras count and stunt doubles, multiple cameras, special equipment, etc. In addition you have to indicate everything that the writer intended not actually listed. The writer’s job is to tell a great story. As an AD, your job is to turn that story into movie magic, and leave nothing out.

Tom Kane’s Film Production Workshop was recorded on location in Denver, CO during a live workshop and is now available as a Film Workshop DVD Series or to download as Video Chapters.

The entire Film Production Workshop Download Package includes: 10 Chapter Downloads of the 3-Day Film Workshop, recorded live, plus the Workshop Manual, and both Prizzi’s Honor and Crossfire Trail screenplays. The videos are enhanced with visual references to The Workshop Manual.

Through this course Tom will discuss factors related to International Filming as well, with examples from his own work as Producer of Crossfire Trail (filmed in Canada) and Brush with Fate (filmed in The Netherlands).


Preview: Breaking Down the Script

In this preview clip from the Film Production Workshop, Tom demonstrates how to begin transferring elements from a lined screenplay onto breakdown pages, which are then used to organize the production board and production schedule.

Download over 60mins. of Instruction on 
Breaking Down the Script


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