Workshop Agenda

The following Agenda is for the Live Workshop. Tom Kane’s Film Production Workshop utilizes the script from the feature film “Prizzi’s Honor” as the Format.

Day 1 thru Day 3

    • Tom Kane on the set of "Riders of the Purple Sage"
      Location scouting for
      “Riders of the Purple Sage”

      Course Introduction

    • Define & Explore the Roles & Responsibilities of the:
      • Producer
        • Developing Producer
        • Line Producer
      • Unit Production Manager (UPM)
      • Assistant Director (AD)
        • 1st AD
        • 2nd AD
        • 2nd 2nd AD
        • DGA Trainee
    • Cast Deals
    • 2nd Unit Shooting
    • Line & Breakdown Screenplay Demonstration
    • Actual Screenplay Breakdown Exercises
    • Create Shooting Schedule (Film Scheduling Software)
      • Discuss All Factors Considered To Create The Schedule
    • Scouting of Interior & Exterior Locations
      • Local & Distant Location Issues
  • Location Scouting with Waris Hussein
    1st AD
    Location Scouting in London with Waris Hussein

    Walk through the Production Board

  • Cover Production Paperwork including
    • Call Sheet
    • Production Report
    • One Line Schedule
    • Day-Out-Of-Days
  • Budgeting Process (Film Budgeting Software)
    • Line-By-Line Exploration
    • Define Crew Roles
    • Negotiating Techniques: Actors, Crew, Vendors, Unions,
      Agents, etc.
    • Union Rules (WGA/ DGA/ SAG/ IA/ Teamsters)
    • Insurance Formulas
    • Equipment: Camera/ Grip/Electric/ Set Design & Construction
  • Deconstructing the Shot
    • Discuss, Dissect, and Delineate the Creation of Complex Cinematography
  • Global Film Production:
    • Crossfire Trail (Filmed in Canada)
    • Brush With Fate (Filmed in Holland)

There will be a 1 hour lunch break each day.