Film/Video Storyboard Software

FrameForge Pre-viz Studio

Storyboard software for motion picture production is designed to enable advanced visualization of the film or video project before the actual shooting takes place. By going beyond the classic technique of pen and paper storyboarding, storyboard software will incorporate still images and small media files. 

Advanced storyboard software should take into account planned camera set-ups and only present scene views that are possible to achieve.

FrameForge Previz Studio 3 software enables you to create a virtual 3D set on your computer to explore and find the very best image for each story beat.

This software is not about whether you can draw or not, but how you can plan and view what your actual equipment will capture. With ‘behind the scenes’ power and familiar controls, you’ll be empowered to experiment with its professional toolbox.

The Core Version has these storyboard features:

  • Real-World Camera Equipment and Peripherals
  • Light & Shadows
  • Sets & Actors
  • Script Synching
  • Animation
  • Google® SketchUp® File Importing
  • Stereo Previsualization Capabilities

The Pro Version has all the features in the Core Version plus:

  • Multiple-source lighting using SmartLights™
  • Multiple-source Overlapping Shadows
  • Automatic Sun Position
  • Innovative Lighting Mixer
  • Real-World Camera Equipment and Peripherals
  • Dolly Tracks
  • JL Fisher® Dollies, Cranes, Jibs & Crossarms
  • Arriflex®, Panavision® & Red® Cameras modeled to scale
  • Geared, Fluid & Three Axis Remote Heads
  • Low Hats, High Hats, Baby & Standard tripods
  • Automatically be informed of Camera Collisions
  • Export Automatic Equipment Reports
  • Specialized Control Orbs

The Stereographic 3D Version includes all the features of the Pro Version, and is designed for the professional filmmaker who wants to work with depth, parallax and screen offset in their real-time storyboard previews.

  • Real-time Stereo Display for viewing your work onscreen in Stereo 3D
  • Fully customizable Side-By-Side & Beam Splitter Rigs
  • Full Control of Parallax & Screen Plane for any target screen size – from as small as an iPod® up to an IMAX® theatre.
  • Adjust convergence and interaxial with instant updating
  • Real-Time Reporting of the Current Parallax for every object
  • Print 2D or Anaglyph Storyboards
  • Export Animatics and Animation